Monhegan Blend Black Earth


Monhegan Blend Black Earth


Uses: Top dressing lawns, filling in bare spots, general purpose soil amendment


Coast of Maine Organic Products Monhegan Blend Black Earth Premium Top Soil is made from peat and composted farm manures. The result is an easy-to-use, rich, soil blend that supports microorganisms necessary for a healthy lawn which will naturally resist drought, weeds and disease.

It is OMRI listed for use in organic gardens.

Available in 1cf bags.


Target pH 6.5


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Healthy soil is the key to healthy plants

The key to successful growing is soil quality. Healthy soil that is rich in organic material means healthy, disease resistant plants that require less watering and feeding.

recycleOrganic material is naturally recycled plant and animal matter that has been allowed to decompose slowly and return to the soil. In a word, COMPOST! The finest compost-based soils and mulches combine decomposed marine and plant matter teeming with the naturally occurring micro-organisms all plants need for healthy growth.

Here at Coast of Maine we are proud of the quality of our composts. We start with carefully designed and tested recipes and the very best ingredients. Just as important, we pay close attention to detail throughout the composting process. That means frequent turning, sampling and testing and a lengthy aging and curing process.

Monhegan Blend is a unique, lightweight composted topsoil designed for repairing lawns or conditioning gardens, beds and borders. Remember, healthy soil is the key to growing healthy plants.

We use all natural ingredients

barnMonhegan Blend is a dark, all-purpose organic top soil made from peat and composted farm manures. Nothing else has been added to provide extra bulk or weight.

Our manures come from several large local farms near our production facilities. These are composted and combined with sphagnum peat moss. The result is a naturally light-weight, easy-to-use soil.

Follow these few, simple steps

rakeSoil conditioner:
To recondition poor garden soil, work 2 inches into the top 4 to 6 inches of soil. To maintain healthy soils and for heavy feeders like roses and most vegetables, 1 inch of Monhegan Blend is sufficient. For normal feeders like herbs and flowering plants, 1/2 inch will do.

Patching lawns:
Thoroughly rake any dry or bare spots in your lawn, removing thatch, stones and debris. Fill in with Monhegan Blend, lightly tamp down, smooth over with a rake, seed, mulch and water.

shovelFilling holes & low spots:
Fill any low spots or depressions in an established lawn with Monhegan Blend. Make sure to overfill the hole, then lightly tamp it down, smooth it over with a rake, seed, mulch and water.

Top dressing:
On any well established lawn, top dress 1/4″ to 1/2″ of Monhegan Blend at least once a year, in the spring or late fall. Apply with a spreader or broadcast by hand, lightly rake to level, tamp or roll, seed (where required) and water.

For organic production

omrilogoThis product meets the organic production standards of the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) and is OMRI listed for organic production. Download the OMRI certification here.

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