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Welcome to the Coast of Maine

Using locally-sourced marine residuals, we hand craft compost-based products that are biologically diverse and rich in the nutrients that plants need to thrive.

We believe in buying local. Using our store locator will help you find a Coast of Maine retailer near you. If there is not a retailer close by go to our  online store for all your organic soil and fertilizer needs!

And if you have questions we would be happy to connect with you anytime. Please join our community on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google and Pinterest. Of course, we are available to answer your questions by phone at 800-345-9315 or by email at

Thanks for stopping by and happy gardening!



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    It’s Finally Fall

    November 6, 2017
    This season is markedly different. With the late season warm temps (warmest October ever!), I got impatient to plant my garlic and spring bulbs waiting for the soil to cool off. I was always taught that the soil had to be at least 60 degrees F or cooler. So I dug deeply — pun intended […]

    Look for Fall

    October 12, 2017
    Not that I want to say goodbye to summer and all that it brings, but I do look forward to the seasonal change to autumn. Its cooling temperatures, the foliage colors, children running around in cute costumes and hyperactive from too much sugar on Halloween – –  you get the picture. Officially autumn arrived last […]

    Tune-Up Time

    August 17, 2017
    No, not for your car but for your garden. WHY? Right about now, things are probably looking a little played out. Unless you have been fertilizing all along this season, your containers are most likely looking a little tired when you want them to look perky and those plants that are supposed to rebloom don’t […]

    Hydrangea Q&A

    July 19, 2017
    What a glorious summer for big leaf hydrangeas (Hydrangea macrophylla). They seem to be everywhere! Most of us haven’t seen our flowers since 2013 yet the plants kept on growing. Some gardeners even forgot about them. Now come the questions. Here are some of the most common ones from the past few weeks. How come […]

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