Frequently Asked Questions

Find some of our most frequently asked questions below. If you can’t find your answer below, please contact us or search the site.

Ordering & Shipping

Is there a store/retailer in my area?

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Coast of Maine Organic products are exclusively available through independent retailers and garden centers, not in "big box stores." We proudly partner with stores across the New England, Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, and Midwest regions. To locate the nearest one to you, simply use our find local feature by entering your zip code. If you discover that our products are not readily available in your area, don't worry! You have the option to purchase them online for your convenience.

Do you ship outside the United States?

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We currently do not ship outside the continental United States.


Are your bags recyclable?

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Yes, the material in our packaging is recyclable. They are number 4 LDPE plastic. To recycle contact your local solid waste authority to see if it accepts number 4 LDPE plastic in your curbside recycling program. If so, simply place the number 4-coded items into your bin according to instructions and set out on the appropriate day.

Are you working on using more greener / reusable / materials?

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Yes. Our mission is fundamentally centered on caring for the living planet that we all share, so we are ALWAYS looking for better greener packaging. Unfortunately, historically, there have not been great alternatives. The plastic bags used by the entire lawn and garden industry must have the durability to handle both the heavy weight and transport of soil product, as well as withstand multiple season long exposure to the elements. Our long term projects are threefold: First, we are pursuing ways to expand the recyclability of our current packaging. Second, we are evaluating alternative material sources that would theoretically improve the sustainability of the bags. Third, and finally, we are continually looking for a better solution for all or part of our line.  We expect to have some good news on progress to share with you soon, so please check back with us. We have the option to purchase bulk soil with our super sacks if you're interested in larger projects. If interested, please call our customer service line at 1-800-345-9315.

How is Coast of Maine Brands responding to concerns about Peat sustainability?

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Coast of Maine Brands strives to provide the very best soils available to homeowners and commercial growers who are as concerned as we are about sustainability. Our products have always contained varying amounts of peat moss, depending on the product. Most of the peat moss we use comes from Canada, and of the 280 million acres of Canadian peatlands, only 0.03% of those acres are being harvested. Despite the regulation and regrowth efforts by harvest companies, the sustainability of peat harvesting is debatable.

If you are interested in a peat free solution we offer the Coast of Maine® Aeration Formula which is 70% Coconut Coir and 30% Perlite.

Ingredients & Sourcing

I have an allergy to Shellfish – is Quoddy Blend, Lobster Compost safe to use?

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Our first recommendation would be to consult with your physician. While we are aware of a few people with a shellfish allergy that do use our products (while wearing gloves) and do consume the grown food without any problems, we do not recommend it.

I am severely allergic to coconut. Is your soil safe to use?

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Our first recommendation is to consult with your physician. If your allergy also includes the husk of coconut, then we wouldn’t recommend you use any of our soil products. While Stonington Blend Growers Mix and Master Nursery Growers Mix are the only two manufactured Coast of Maine Brand products that directly contain coir, (coir is the outside husk of coconut), there is always a possibility that airborne coir fibers could blow in to the other piles, or contaminate via secondary transfer onto the equipment.

Is the Cow Manure in your Soil Organic? Where does it come from?

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Our manures come from several large local farms near our production facilities. These are composted in accordance with NOP standards (National Organic Program) and combined with sphagnum peat moss. The result is a naturally lightweight, easy-to-use soil. Additionally, our compost based soils meet the organic production standards of the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) and feature the OMRI logo on their bags, indicating that they are OMRI Listed for organic production.

Usage & Product Quality

Can I use a bag of leftover soil next year? Will the biology survive if it freezes in an unheated garage over the winter?

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You absolutely can use it next spring. Just make sure to fold or roll the bag over tightly so the moisture is retained in the bag and store in cool dry place. The garage is fine. Remember, it came from Maine!

What does the date stamped on the top left corner of the bag mean?

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The date stamped on the top left corner of the bag is the date that the bag itself was made. It is not the date that the soil was bagged.

I found a lobster band in my bag of Quoddy.

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Lobster bands come in with the lobster shells that we compost. (It is real lobster shells!) While most of them are screened out at the end of the composting process, there are some that go through our ½” screen and find their way into bags. They do not impact the efficacy of the product and we are sorry for the inconvenience.

Stonington Blend™ Organic & Natural Grower’s Mix – what feeding regimen do you recommend?

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