Our Roots

From the beginning, Coast of Maine has followed the example of how to live a more fruitful life from the best teacher of that lesson: the natural world. Here’s the story of how that tale grew.

Seeding an Organic Vision

Carlos and Jean Quijano started our company in 1996—six years before USDA organic certification standards were set. The couple’s vision for working with—not on—the land came to them naturally as avid gardeners living on Maine’s coast. That passion and place made them early advocates of the organic practices that help sustain our planet and us.

  • Compost

  • Lobster & Crab

  • Kelp

  • Worms

  • Veggies

  • Flower

  • Lawn

  • Plants

  • Mycorrhizae

  • Peat Moss

  • Aged Bark

  • Perlite

  • Coconut Coir

  • Oyster Shells

  • Sand

  • Biochar

Lobster Shell Delivery
Planting Soils Temperature Check
Lobster Shell Mixing
Plant-Wrapped Pallets

Harvesting a Brighter Future

As the company Carlos and Jean nurtured flourished, so did our knowledge of the regenerative practices they pioneered. Today, we follow in our founders’ footsteps. We continually perfect the art and science of sourcing, mixing, and composting products worthy of the people and place that inspired our brand and the healthier world it was built to serve.

Artist With An Eye For

Leave it to a native Maine pilot born on an island to become the man with the perfect perspective on our coastal home. We’ve been honored to feature Eric Hopkins’ dynamic painting of our sky, shores, and sea as the signature image for our brand. You’ll find his vibrant plant vignettes on some of our packages as well, all rendered with the skill and spirit that’s made Eric an iconic artist for our state.

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