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Screening Lobster Compost
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Earthworm Castings are full of biologically activated minerals and rich source beneficial soil biology. Some
describe it as “nature’s perfect plant food” and an exceptional form of humus. They improve root growth &
structure and enrich your soil with beneficial micro-organisms.

Lobster and Crab Shells are rich in calcium and chitin to help make plants strong and disease resistant.
Plants need calcium for cell wall development and growth which, in turn, increases plant vigor and
disease resistance. Chitin has been proven to assist in controlling soil and foliar plant pathogens that
cause fungal, viral and bacterial conditions.

Kelp Meal (Seaweed) stimulates soil bacteria helping to increase soil fertility due to its high mineral content.
Seaweed is also hydrophilic, meaning that it holds water which is essential for newly installed plants.

Blueberry and Salmon Compost – Blueberry compost is made from the leaves, twigs and culled blueberries
that we receive from local Maine blueberry harvesters. The salmon waste is from the Cooke Aquaculture
processing plants (they harvest the salmon from pens located up and down the Maine coast). Both are
blended together and the result is a nutrient rich compost with great water-holding capacity essential
for vigorous growth.

Mussel Shells are crushed into small fragments that create air pockets in the soil which assist in healthy root
growth. They serve as a long-term soil conditioner and when they eventually break down, calcium is then
made available to the plant’s roots.

Dehydrated Poultry Manure & Composted Cow Manure add an active biology and are rich in organic
matter that plant roots need. Their high nitrogen content is great for growing green & vigorous plants.
Peat Humus (the humified remains of sphagnum peat) is a highly organic material that loosens clay soil and
gives body to sandy soil. It is a unique carbon source that is rich in lignin (which improves photosynthetic
activity in plants) and tannins (which improves nitrogen availability for plants).

Sphagnum Peat Moss provides a stable environment for root growth, helps hold water and promotes
porosity (air & water interaction) in the surrounding the root zone. It also helps to lighten heavy soils.

Aged Bark provides organic matter in the form of well-aged northern softwood and hardwood bark. It adds
structure to the soil profile, conditions the soil as it breaks down and retains moisture.

Dolomitic Lime is added to adjust pH for optimum fertilizer utilization.

Perlite is used to aerate the soil by creating porosity, or air pockets in the soil. It is a naturally occurring
silicate mineral.

In a nutshell, healthy soil is the key to growing healthy plants. Applying compost to your gardens yearly is the best way to condition your soil. Two 1 cu. ft. bags of compost covers 8-10 sq. ft. at 1 inch deep. Healthy soil that is rich in organic matter means healthy, disease resistant plants that require less watering & less feeding.
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