Schoodic Blend™

Composted Manure Blend

Composted Manure Blend

An all-purpose soil conditioner designed for gardens, beds and borders

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Schoodic Blend™

Composted Manure Blend

Composted Manure Blend

An all-purpose soil conditioner designed for gardens, beds and borders

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Schoodic Blend Organic & Natural Composted Manure Blend is specifically designed for use in vegetable gardens and flower beds. This carefully formulated, OMRI-listed composted cow manure balances water retention, drainage, and aeration to provide the support your vegetables, roses, annual and perennial flowers, trees, shrubs, and lawns need. It’s the natural choice to nurture the gardens and grounds around your home.

Quick Growing Guide:

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Composted manure, sphagnum peat moss and aged bark.

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For Amending Beds & Gardens:
To recondition poor garden soil, work 2 inches of Schoodic Blend™ into the top 4 to 6 inches of soil. To maintain established beds and gardens and for vegetables, herbs, and flowers, top-dress with 2 inches of Schoodic Blend™.

For Planting Trees and Shrubs:

  1. Dig a hole as deep as the root ball and twice its width.
  2. Take the plant out of its container, loosen the roots and place the plant in the hole so that its stem is centered, and the crown is slightly above the rim of the hole.
  3. If the root ball is burlap-wrapped, cut away the top of the wrapping to free it from the stem.
  4. Fill in with equal parts of Schoodic Blend™ and the surrounding soil, tamping lightly around the plant with the soil slightly higher than the rim of the hole.
  5. Water thoroughly and regularly until the plant has established itself, apply organic plant food as needed.

For Lawns:
Schoodic Blend™ is also a good choice for revitalizing your lawn. Use it as a top-dressing any time during the growing season, then water in. For general overseeding and lawn repairs, we recommend thoroughly mixing Schoodic Blend and seed in a wheelbarrow before spreading. This is best done in the fall when the soil is warm and rainfall is more consistent. In any event, use a leaf rake to spread the compost evenly.

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