NEW- Planting Soil for Acid-Loving Plants


Natural & Organic Planting Soil for ACID-LOVING PLANTS


Uses: A great soil conditioner for improving and revitalizing the soil in and around plants that thrive on lower pH soils like: rhododendrons, azaleas, hollies, blueberries, strawberries, ferns, fuchsias, camellias, dogwoods and conifers.


Coast of Maine’s Natural & Organic Soil for Acid-Loving Plants is specially crafted for plants that thrive on lower pH soils like: Rhododendrons, Azaleas, Ferns, Hydrangeas and Berry Bushes. The soil is made with premium ingredients, it contains compost, peat moss and aged bark.

Available in 20qt bags.


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Healthy soil is the key to healthy plants

Here at Coast of Maine we are proud of the quality and consistency of our compost-based soils.  Compost, or, recycled organic matter that is allowed to slowly decompose, is the key to healthy soil.  We create our composts with carefully designed and tested recipes which include the very best ingredients sustainably sourced from local farms and pristine ocean waters combined with a rigorous quality control process.  And, because we are committed to providing the highest quality organic products, we never use bio-solids, municipal or household waste.  Close attention to detail with frequent turning, sampling and testing plus a lengthy aging and curing process produces a dark, rich, compost that helps to build soil and enhance plant growth.


We use all natural ingredients

Our Natural & Organic Planting Soil for Acid-Loving Plants is the best product on the
market for plants like ferns, azaleas, rhododendrons, hydrangeas, hollies, and
blueberries. They thrive in lower pH soils compared to most other plants and our soil is
hand-crafted to meet the needs of these special plants. Our product will help you create the beautiful blossoms and fruit that you are looking for!

Ingredients:  Natural & Organic Planting Soil for Acid-Loving Plants  is made from composted manure, peat moss, and lime.

Directions for Use

Conditioning & revitalizing soil

Natural & Organic Planting Soil for Tomatoes & Vegetables is the ideal soil conditioner to improve and revitalize the soil in and around your acid-loving plants. For sandy, compacted or clay soil, work a 2 inch layer into the top 4 to 6 inches of soil before planting.


New & Existing garden beds 

Acid-Loving Planting Soil is hand-crafted to offer you what we believe is the best soil builder designed for maintaining gardens, beds and borders. It is a naturally lightweight, dark,
rich all-purpose addition to your soil.  To maintain healthy soils, apply Acid-Loving Planting Soil every year around your plants. This is best done either in the spring before new foliage emerges, or in the fall after the plants have gone dormant.


Planting holes 

When planting acid loving perennials such as rhododendrons, azaleas, ferns, hollies,
hydrangeas, and blueberries, backfill the planting hole with a mix of equal parts of
Acid-Loving Planting Soil and existing garden soil. Do not pack the soil down around the plants, as this eliminates valuable airspace for the roots. Rather, water the plant in to settle
the soil, adding more if needed. Water thoroughly and regularly until the plant has established itself.

Feed on the surface of the soil around the dripline of the plant with plant food like our Stonington Blend Organic Plant Food.

For Moisture Retention, top dress with Coast of Maine Dark Harbor Blend™ or Fundy Blend™ Enriching Mulches.  Take care not to cover or bury the stems of perennials by pulling the mulch compost away from the stems and foliage.



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