Approved for Organic Growers

“We believe in the importance of both respect for the natural world and sustainability.  That’s why we’ve actively supported and partnered with leading organic authorities since our founding in 1996.  Our product ingredients and claims are reviewed and approved for organic growing, which not only gives you the confidence that you are using clean products but it holds us to the highest standards in the industry. Unfortunately, the use of the term organic is not federally regulated in very many categories beyond food and fiber products.  Therefore, unless a product is reviewed by a legitimate third-party you may be just getting a product labeled organic.“

For Coast of Maine we have our products reviewed by one or more of the following non-profit standards organizations.

OMRI Listed Products

OMRI lists input products such as fertilizers, pest controls, and livestock care products that are compliant with organic standards. Allowed products are "OMRI Listed®" and may display the OMRI seal. OMRI is the only independent, nonprofit organization dedicated exclusively to inputs. OMRI is a trusted third-party nonprofit organization that is accredited to ISO 17065 standards by the USDA Quality Assessment Division.

USDA National Organic Program (NOP)

This federal regulatory program develops and enforces uniform national standards for organically-produced agricultural products sold in the United States.  NOP regulations cover in detail all aspects of product production, processing, delivery and retail sale. Under the NOP, farmers and food processors who wish to use the word organic in reference to their businesses and products, must be certified organic.