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bag-monhegan-newBlack Earth

Monhegan Blend Black Earth is an exceptionally rich blend of naturally composted barks and fine sand. The result is a light, easy-to-use, all-purpose organic soil that is ideal for top dressing lawns or as a general purpose soil amendment.

A beautiful lawn starts with healthy soil. That means soil with enough organic material to support the beneficial microorganisms that process the essential nutrients that feed your grass. Monhegan Blend is an excellent source of organic material. Remember, a naturally healthy lawn is more drought, weed and disease resistant and requires less watering and feeding.

We have named this blend for Monhegan Island, a rocky outcropping twelve miles off Maine’s mid coast and accessible by ferry from the picturesque coastal village of Port Clyde. The island is home to fishermen and supports a thriving artists’ colony in the summer.

Monhegan Blend is available in 1 cubic foot bags at selected retailers in the Northeast.

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