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Natural Cedar Mulch


Natural Cedar Mulch


Uses: Mulching trees and shrubs and play areas


A great all-purpose fresh mulch. It is double ground from cedar to a fine, fluffy texture with an amazing cedar aroma. Because cedar is rot-resistant, this mulch will be slow to break down and last longer than others. It is light in color and can be used to help lighten dark areas of your landscape. It helps to retain soil moisture and suppress weed growth. Use to mulch around trees, shrubs, and play area surfaces.

Available in 2 cubic foot bags.

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This medium textured ground cedar mulch is a light golden brown color. It is ideal for mulching around trees, shrubs and flower beds and in play areas and walkways. Bark mulch helps insulate your soil, retain moisture during the heat of summer and suppress weeds. This premium mulch is made of Northern White Cedar harvested in the great northern woods of New Brunswick, Canada.

Please note that this, like most bagged bark mulches, may contain small quantities of other softwood barks.

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