Merchandising Aids for Master Nursery Dealers

Social Media Content:

For pre-made, “copy and paste,” social media posts and content, Click below to visit our Master Nursery Social Media Asset Library

Need to know how much product for a project? Check out our mobile-friendly Volume and Depth calculators

We Drive Online Traffic Directly to Your Master Nursery Garden Center
Watch our Where to Find Bumper Crop to find out how we directly market your individual location.

Advertising materials
Below are links to low and high resolution images of product bags, as well as different versions of our logo, for use in advertising.

Images for website or social media digital posts are 92 dpi files.
Images and logos for print materials are 300 dpi JPEG files.

92 dpi BAG IMAGES – Transparent backgrounds
FOR WEB (email/social media/ website page) USE ONLY!!

Bumper Crop Soil Builder
Bumper Crop Grower’s Mix
Bumper Crop Gardener’s Gold
Bumper Crop Organic Plant Food
Bumper Crop Tomato and Vegetable Food
Bumper Crop Rose and Flower Food
Bumper Crop Rhody, Azalea and Holly Food
Bumper Crop Citrus and Fruit Tree Food
Bumper Crop Starter Food
Bumper Crop All Purpose Food

300 dpi BAG IMAGES
Images are 300 dpi JPEG files.

Bumper Crop Soil Builder
Bumper Crop Grower’s Mix
Bumper Crop Plant Food
Gardener’s Gold Potting Soil
Gardener’s Gold Potting Soil 2 Cubic Foot
Black Forest Tree and Shrub Mix


Master Nursery Garden Center Logo -png
Master Nursery Garden Center Logo- jpg
Master Nursery Logo Letterhead – jpg

Coast of Maine-500x150jpg

Point of purchase signs 

These are 8.5″ by 11″ signs that can be posted with your Coast of Maine products.

Print your own by downloading a PDF file from the list below, or you may request free laminated copies by Emailing us.
Bumper Crop Soil Builder
Bumper Crop Potting Soil
Bumper Crop Grower’s Mix
Bumper Crop Plant Food

Shelf Talker –  3-1/2″ by 5″ mini-signs that can be hung underneath your Coast of Maine fertilizer products.  Print your own by downloading a PDF file from the list below, or you may request free laminated copies by Emailing us.

Bumper Crop Plant Food

palletsign-mn-examplePallet signs
Ask us about our pallet sign program. The normal cost for the sign
holder and the sign insert is $50.Co-op money can be used to
purchase the signs. We’re also open to great ideas. If you have one
we’ll get you signs for free!
Bumper Crop Soil Buider
Bumper Crop Potting Soil
Bumper Crop Grower’s Mix
Black Forest
Quoddy Blend
Schoodic Blend
Monhegan Blend

Social Responsibility Marketing
We believe that supporting local non-profit and school gardens is the best way to support gardening education and enthusiasm. If your independent business is asked to donate to a local garden please call and we’ll help provide the soil!

Bar code cheat sheets
These sheets will help you at check out with our products!

Master Nursery Bar Codes

Materials Safety Data Sheets
Bumper Crop Growers Mix
Bumper Crop Plant Food
Bumper Crop Soil Builder
Gardner’s Gold Potting Soil
Sprout Island Seed Starter

Try our products for free
At Coast of Maine we believe that there is nothing more powerful in merchandising a product than  an employee who believes in the products the store sells. To help facilitate that belief we encourage you to give each of your employees a bag of Coast of Maine compost to try in their own back yard. Simply call us and tell us how many employees you gave a bag to and we will credit your account.
Let us know the feedback and we’ll share your thoughts with other garden centers through our Facebook page and video.

For more information contact Cameron Bonsey at 800-345-9315 or by email at

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