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Coast Of Maine Brands

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Coast of Maine Brands  is a group of natural and organic gardening and
lawn care companies serving both the professional and amateur grower.
Our products are designed to contribute to the health and well-being of
the communities we serve and the living planet we share.
Coast of Maine Organic Products was founded in 1996 and has developed
a unique and very distinctive line of attractively packaged compost-based
natural and organic soils, mulches and fertilizers sold through local retailers.
Our commitment to product innovation, customer service, sustainable
gardening practices and our promotion of those retailers has helped build
loyal relationships that have only strengthened over the years.
Those same beliefs underpin our 14-year partnership with Master Nursery
Garden Centers, a 550 member national co-op, and the expansion of their
Bumper Crop line of soils and fertilizers. It also explains the addition of the
Frey Group to the Coast of Maine family in 2017, giving us a line of high quality
bulk and branded soils and a significant production capability in
Quarryville, Pennsylvania in the heart of the Mid-Atlantic.

Delivering all our brands with ‘One Truck Shopping’

We have long been able to combine Master Nursery’s Bumper Crop and
Coast of Maine brand products in New England and beyond out of
our Marion, Maine plant. With Quarryville now a key part of our
operations, we can combine all three brands on a single truck and far
more cost effectively ship these products throughout the Mid-Atlantic,
south to Florida and west to the Great Lakes and Midwest.
Those Coast of Maine and Master Nursery customers in Connecticut, the
Hudson Valley, Long Island, New Jersey and northeast Pennsylvania traditionally
served from our plant in Maine, can now be covered from Quarryville.
That said, we can still overlap with coverage from Maine where appropriate.


Our Brands


Coast of Maine Organic Products, Inc. offers truly exceptional, organically approved, compost-based soils, enriching mulches, soil supplements and liquid fertilizers. Available in bags or in bulk at independent garden centers, nurseries and greenhouses all across New England and the Mid-Atlantic, our unique marine based blends (Lobster, Crab, Salmon, Squid) bring the benefits of the ocean to anything you are growing.



Frey Group LLC. is a third generation family business established in 1966 in Southern Lancaster County, PA. In 2017 we became part of Coast of Maine Brands LLC. We offer several different bagged bark mulches, gardening soils, and custom growing mixes for both the general consumer as well as the professional greenhouse/nursery grower.  We also produce several of the high quality premium Coast of Maine Organic Products, Inc. line of organic soils, fertilizers, mulches and amendments from our Lancaster County facility.  




Master Nursery Garden Centers, Inc., is a member-owned cooperative comprised exclusively of over 500 independent retail garden centers. Bumper Crop® Soils and Plant Foods were created exclusively by Master Nursery® Garden Centers, containing only the finest all natural, rich, and organic ingredients. Coast of Maine Brands is proud to be a long-term partner of Master Nursery, as both a manufacturer and distributer of the Bumper Crop® branded products. 


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