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Native Seed Secrets

Tempted to go native in your garden? Seeds are a super way to start. Thanks to the new movement to nurture native plants in our gardens, seeds of all-time favorites like milkweeds and native lupines are readily available. Or, you could send for seeds through the mail. Whichever way you go, you’ll be getting the […]

Seeds Get You Started

Spring is so fickle. The temperatures go up, the temperatures drop down. It’s way too risky to start planting in the ground. But there is a totally satisfying alternative that will fulfill all your urges to play in the soil. Plus, it’s loads of fun. You need to plant seeds. Really, once you’ve given seed […]


PREPARING YOUR CONTAINERS With the seesaw weather conditions, even if you can’t get your hands in the dirt, you can still scratch your gardening itch. With the official arrival of spring comes the inevitable need for seasonal cleaning chores. This is one for the garden. April is a time to get things ready on those […]
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