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Anecdotal information from another gardener, maybe a snippet overheard when strolling in a garden, kernels of wisdom that have somehow become truths in your gardening world. I hear a lot of these so I thought I’d share some with you and give you the straight scoop.   MYTH 1: When it comes to fertilizer, pesticides […]


“Did you ever meet a gardener, who, however fair his ground, was absolutely content and pleased? Is there not always a tree to be felled or a bed to be turned? Is there not ever some grand mistake to be remedied next summer?” This quote from Samuel Reynolds Hole in A Book About Roses in […]

The Ecology School

The mission of Ecology Education, Inc. is to foster stewardship for the Earth by reimagining education through the science of ecology and the practice of sustainability. Philosophy Since 1998, The Ecology School has brought innovative ecology education programs to thousands of children throughout New England and nationwide. In everything we do – leading overnight and […]

Woodbury Farm Market

 Woodbury Farm Market,located in the picturesque town of Woodbury Connecticut, has been a family owned business for almost 60 years. We strive to set ourselves apart from other garden centers by stocking only the healthiest, most beautiful hanging baskets and mixed containers.Our garden center offers a wide variety and unique selection of high-quality plants and […]
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