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Right Plant, Right Windowsill

By Tovah Martin You don’t want to be that gardener rushing the houseplants indoors last minute, do you? You definitely don’t want to be caught with no plan when the weatherperson proclaims those horrifying “frost predicted” words on the radio. Not you. This year, you are going to think ahead. You are going to have […]

Dig It!

By Tovah Martin Pot up the garden in autumn and bring it indoors. Beginning to get separation anxiety already? For everyone who misses their green minions every winter—we’ve got a solution. This year, rather than waving a tearful farewell to your perennials in autumn, bring them on home! That’s right, many perennials make great houseplants. […]
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An Insider’s Guide to Late Summer

By Tovah Martin You think things are winding down? Wrong. For many potted plants, this is when they are happening. Look around you. The grasses are bulking up and forming plumes, celosias and amaranths are tasseling up, coleus are plump. This is prime time for many plants, and they’re happy to perform their stunts in […]
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Bought Plants/Will Travel

By Tovah Martin Do you brake for garden centers? Do you make u-turns for nurseries? When you’re on vacation, do you mark the map for botanical gardens? Of course you do! But do you push the pause button before making purchases at garden centers or picking up plants at gift shops when you are on […]
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