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Green Gifts with Love

Your partner really wants a houseplant this Valentine’s Day. Enough hints have been dropped to let you know that a flaming katie would be warmly welcomed onto the windowsill right now. A watering can has been staged strategically in front of every faucet in the house as a not-so-subtle reminder, and your partner always seems […]

The More, the Merrier

If you love to garden, then you should be getting the most out of every square foot in your garden. Once you dig up a space (and aren’t we all continually adding beds?), plant it cheek to jowl. All sorts of reasons stand behind that practice. Plants love to live in communities and they are […]

Compost is Beyond Reproach

At Coast of Maine we come across occasional articles in regard to tainted compost. We asked our co-owner and resident compost expert, Pete Bottomley, to give us his thoughts. Enjoy the read! Is your compost safe? To me, this is such a sad question. The natural process of composting is a miracle of biological complexity […]
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