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Homecoming Boost & The Final Feeding

So, you successfully whisked all your houseplants safely inside ahead of the Big Bad Chill. And as usual, it was a frantic race against Jack Frost. Now what? Well, if you’re anything like the average over-extended gardener with good intentions but limited time, you probably ran those babies indoors last minute. In other words, you […]

Bodacious Berries

It’s harvest time. So don’t start putting your garden to bed because there’s plenty of perks on the horizon. Don’t even think about slowing down, because the garden is pumping out goodies a mile a minute. I’m talking about berries. And it’s not only about what goes into our tummies (and there’s lots of that […]
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Preventing Pests with a Compost Tea

The bugs are out in full force this Summer! When you find insects in your garden, your first instinct might be to destroy them, but that’s not always the best course of action. Some insects are destructive and should be controlled, but of the more than 1.5 million known insect species in the world, more […]

Keep the Yummy Coming

Once you’ve got a taste of your own fresh veggies plucked straight from the garden, you’ll want to keep the harvest flowing. With a little planning, you can continue the parade of delicious produce without pause. To set the momentum in motion, you’ll need to stay on top of crops and keep them harvested to […]

Container Reboot

Midsummer is all about excess, right? It’s about beating sun, scorching temperatures, and thunderstorms that send your pets cowering. All those histrionics might be typical of the season we call summer, but they also take a toll on growing things. Specifically, plants in containers can feel the stress. Containers might need a little help from […]

Perennially Wonderful Containers

Are you more than a little tired of containers spilling with petunias? Is your love affair with impatiens over? We hear you. Although there’s nothing wrong with red zonal geraniums and alyssum, wouldn’t it be fun to shake up containers slightly and go in a different direction? Perennials might be just the ticket. A container […]

Native Seed Secrets

Tempted to go native in your garden? Seeds are a super way to start. Thanks to the new movement to nurture native plants in our gardens, seeds of all-time favorites like milkweeds and native lupines are readily available. Or, you could send for seeds through the mail. Whichever way you go, you’ll be getting the […]

Seeds Get You Started

Spring is so fickle. The temperatures go up, the temperatures drop down. It’s way too risky to start planting in the ground. But there is a totally satisfying alternative that will fulfill all your urges to play in the soil. Plus, it’s loads of fun. You need to plant seeds. Really, once you’ve given seed […]

Big into Begonias

Why are begonias big right now? Maybe because they have personality. Unlike all those placeholder foliage plants that sit in the corner looking pretty darn blah (yawn), begonias step out of the shadows and say something. Talk about diversity: Begonias boast leaf shapes beyond your craziest imagination. From angel wings to bat wings, from pond […]
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