Sponsored Radio Talk Shows

Sponsored Radio Talk Shows

 We are working with Garden Talk Shows that reach millions of gardeners from Maine to South Carolina to Ohio while endorsing Coast of Maine Organic Products Broadcasting on Over 115 Stations!!


“That Garden Guy” Radio with Lee Ganim
A weekly 30 minute call-in gardening
advice show on WICC-AM with loyal listeners in Southern Connecticut.


You Bet Your Garden® with Mike McGrath
This weekly call-in program offers ‘fiercely organic’ advice to
gardeners far and wide with a nationally syndicated broadcast.



In the Garden Radio with Andre Viette
During his 3 hour show, Andre answers questions and gives practical
gardening advice. Reaching thousands of listeners weekly, live, nation-wide.


Philadelphia Garden Radio Show with Len & Julio
An hour long program that airs to over six million residents
in the Greater Philadelphia Delaware Valley.


In the Garden with Ron Wilson
A nationally syndicated gardening tips and call-in program that airs
on several talk radio stations via iHeartMedia, Inc, and to listeners in
the Columbus metro and Greater Cincinnati, Ohio areas.



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