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By the time early spring rolls around, we’re all a little winter weary. You’re ready for a shot of zing, and so are your plants. For you, spring break might do the job. For your tired houseplants, we’ve got just the pick-me-up picnic they need. Here come some ideas to breathe new life into old friends of the green kind.

Dressing for Success

Ever notice that old plants tend to sink down into their containers? Who knows where the soil goes: It’s one of the mysteries of mankind. But what you want to do right now is give all your houseplants a checkup to check out their soil level. Optimally, for watering purposes, you want to leave about 1 to 1 ½ inches between the soil level in the container and the rim of the pot. If your plant has sunk down, here’s a written invitation to add oomph. May we suggest top-dressing your plants with a layer of Coast of Maine Wiscasset Blend Organic & Natural Earthworm Castings. Perfect for houseplants, you just fill in by adding 2-4 tablespoons (depending on the size of your pot) to the top of the soil and scratch it in. At the same time, you can also add more potting soil. This is going to put pep back into plants such as hellebores that have been performing for months and are begging for a snack.

Repotting Plus

You’ve been waiting for this moment and sure enough, now is the time to repot. How about perking up the picture with a little value-added frill of color? While promoting your plants to the next size container, you will have just the right amount of space along the rim to tuck in some spring plugs. Wouldn’t you love some pansies right about now? Well, while you’re keeping your cordylines indoors waiting for warmer weather, give them a promotion with some Coast of Maine Bar Harbor Blend Organic Potting Soil. And while you’re at it, make that extra space work hard = Tuck some pansies around the rim. It’s a win/win situation for your eyes.

Spring Babies

The lengthening days did more than just lift your spirits, they also pushed your plants to become more perky. Check out your houseplants and you might notice that they are being fruitful and multiplying. Take advantage of the vigorous crop of progeny and repot the pups into their own containers. Sansevierias (aka mother-in-law tongue), aloes, echeverias, Boston ferns, zebra plants, and saxifrages are all getting into the act of increasing the family. Give every new member of the family a room of its own in a separate pot. If you divide those plantlets off now, they will be on their way toward becoming full sized wonders when you need them most, next winter. Plus, you’ll have Christmas presents ready for next year. Talk about planning ahead!


Spring Flower Fever

Who can walk by those adorable little bulbs flowering in the florist section of the supermarket without tucking one into your cart? If you fell for a little cutie while shopping, join the crowd. But you don’t want to display that adorable wee thing in a homely plastic pot, do you? Of course not. Give it a new container with fresh soil. And here’s an idea = Combine spring goodies together for an eyeful of color popping from the same pot. Your windowsill is going to smile. So are you.

Written by award winning author, Tovah Martin.  Photos also taken by Tovah Martin.  Find her books and more information on her website:


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