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Why garden in raised beds?  Because there are so many benefits!

  • You don’t need a large patch of fertile land and no sod removal needed.
  • Better control of your soil composition, health and fertility.
  • Better drainage during prolonged periods of rainy weather.
  • No root rot issues and less fungal diseases affecting the roots.
  • Easier to weed (soil not compacted).
  • Raised gardens can be built to suit any height needed.
  • Raised gardens make it easy to adapt the square foot gardening method because it eliminates single-row gardening (waste of space).
  • Soil warms up more quickly, can plant earlier (no more waiting until “the soil is workable”.
  • Easy to add cold frames, row covers, bird netting, trellises.
  • Less work, no turning of the soil needed and reduces the amount of bending.
  • You can have different types of soil for different beds.
  • You can take advantage of vertical gardening. Climbing peas, beans and


  • No more damage from burrowing animals like moles and voles.
  • No compaction of soil because there’s no foot traffic = healthier roots.
  • No muddy shoes!
  • Less competition for nutrients and water from tree roots.


Raised beds are aesthetically pleasing!

By Sue Lavallee

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