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How to Promote an Ad on Facebook Tutorial

Coast of Maine’s Cameron Bonsey walks you through how to create an ad, select an audience and budget for Facebook promotions.

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Quoddy Blend Lobster Compost



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Videos on Organic Gardening, featuring Quoddy :

Quoddy Blend – Organic Lobster Compost – OMRI Listed

Coast of Maine’s Pete Bottomley and Felicia Newman explain what makes Coast of Maine’s Quoddy Lobster Compost so effective and unique. It’s the LOBSTER SHELLS! Composted to perfection, they provide your plants with just the right amount of calcium and chitin to help them grow huge! Plants LOVE Lobster!

Making Quoddy Blend Lobster Compost

After you enjoy your lobster, what happens to the shells?  Coast of Maine collects that waste and blends it into garden perfection!  Quoddy Lobster Compost will provide your plants with just the right amount of calcium and chitin to help them grow huge! Here’s a quick peek on how its made.

Pumpkins Love Compost

Topsfield Fair giant pumpkin winner, Hiram Watson, grows giant pumpkins in Coast of Maine’s Quoddy Blend Lobster Compost!  Check out this video where he tells us about his 1,900 pound giant pumpkin!

Quoddy Blend Product Description and Detailed Information:

  • OMRI Approved for Organic Use l Plants LOVE Lobster!
  • The high calcium content helps boost plant vigor and immunity.
  • Great for vegetables, flowers and lawns

OMRI approved, Quoddy Blend Organic Lobster Compost is our best-selling soil. Made with chitin and calcium-rich lobster shells, composted cow manure, sphagnum peat moss, and composted bark, Quoddy Blend is teeming with organic material! Using this organic blend will help to improve and revitalize your soil, helping you to grow healthy, disease resistant plants that require less watering and feeding! The lobster we use comes from the cold, dark waters of the Downeast coast of Maine and the Bay of Fundy. Lobster shells are a rich source of calcium and chitin (Plants need calcium for cell wall development and growth, and chitin has been proven to assist in controlling soil and foliar plant pathogens that cause fungal, viral and bacterial conditions.) The addition of these shells make this all-purpose soil amendment a perfect blend for conditioning beds and borders, vegetable gardens, herbs and annuals!

Available in 1cf bags.

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