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Wiscasset Blend, organic earth worm castings
Wiscasset Blend, organic earth worm castings
Wiscasset Earthworm Castings - back panel

Wiscasset Blend Earthworm Castings


Wiscasset Blend Earthworm Castings


Uses: Soil conditioning, top dress indoor container plants, compost tea –  Great for vegetables!


Coast of Maine Organic Wiscasset Blend Earthworm Castings is a finely textured, supercharged vermicompost. It is a rich blend of the digested soil left behind by earthworms. This process makes the nutrients in the soil more available to plants, as well as adding improved water retention. The castings are odorless and finely textured, making it easy to top dress houseplants.

Available in 8 quart bags.

Target pH 6.8

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Healthy soil is the key to healthy plants

The key to successful growing is soil quality. Healthy soil rich in organic material means healthy disease resistant plants.

recycleWiscasset Blend is made of 100% earthworm castings which are naturally rich in microbial life. It will help convert the nutrients already present in your soil into a more plant-available form.

Earthworm castings hold 2-3 times their weight in water thus adding moisture retention properties to garden soil. Earthworm castings add humus, enzymes, as well as microbial life to the soil.

Remember, healthy soil is the key to growing healthy plants.

We use all natural ingredients

wormOur earthworm castings are rich, odorless, coffee ground-like particles. They are produced by earthworms fed a variety of peat and paper sources, grains and rock dusts with inoculums to promote biological diversity. Wiscasset Blend is designed to improve root growth and structure and enrich your soil with micro-organisms. When used in the garden it may also help attract deep-burrowing earthworms already present in the soil.

Follow these few simple steps

How much Wiscasset Blend will you need?

potsPots and containers

  • For a 6″ pot, sprinkle two tablespoons on the top of the soil
  • For a 12″ pot, sprinkle four tablespoons on the top of the soil.
  • For a 24″ pot, sprinkle eight tablespoons on the top of the soil

Window boxes and hanging baskets

Apply liberally to cover the soil surface with a 1/4″ layer of earthworm castings.

Trees and shrubs

Apply a generous layer of worm castings around trees, shrubs and fruit trees.

teaCompost tea

Mix one cup of worm castings in a gallon of water, stirring vigorously to aerate. This will help increase the mixture’s microbial activity. Let it sit for an hour and then stir again. Use the finished mixture to water vegetables, annuals, perennials, trees and shrubs or use as a foliar spray.


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