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Bumper Crop Citrus & Fruit Tree Food

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Our Bumper Crop Natural & Organic Citrus & Fruit Tree Food is a blend of natural ingredients for use with citrus and other home orchard fruit trees and acceptable for use in organic production.  It is formulated to encourage new growth, lush green foliage and to support bountiful crops.  It is rich in nutrients essential for fruiting all crops.  It also contains phosphate and potash, which are important for fruit production.  It may also be used to feed shade trees, flowering trees, berries, ornamental and fruiting vines.

Available in 4lb and 12 lb bags at selected retailers.

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Bumper Crop Citrus & Fruit Tree Food is a blend of select natural ingredients formulated and labeled for use on citrus and other home orchard fruits and berries. This product’s high Nitrogen formula encourages new growth, lush green foliage, and bountiful crops. Bumper Crop Citrus & Fruit Tree Food may also be used for feeding shade trees, flowering trees, and ornamental vines. The microbial package is formulated specifically for fruit trees to enhance nutrient availability and healthy root systems.

Produced by Coast of Maine Organic Products, Inc. 145 Newbury Street, Portland, Maine 04101 for Master Nursery Garden Centers, Inc.

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