Aged Cedar Mulch


Aged Cedar Mulch


Uses: Mulching around trees and shrubs


Coast of Maine Organic Products Aged Cedar Mulch is a naturally rich, dark chocolate brown, the result of having been naturally aged for several years. Because it has begun to break down, it is finer in texture and denser than other mulches. It helps retain soil moisture and suppress weed growth. It will not fade in color.

Available in 2 cubic foot bags.


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Aged Cedar Mulch has been allowed to age for several years, thereby darkening to a rich chocolate brown. As it has achieved this color naturally, this mulch will not fade in the sun or over time. Please note that this older mulch has begun to break down, and tends to have a higher bulk density, a finer texture and as such is heavier. For this reason, Aged Cedar Mulch is available only in two cubic foot bags.

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