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Edition 28 - July 2023
Wise Watering

Periods of drought, summer heat waves, and rising water bills are sure to peak most gardeners' interest in water conservation. Fortunately, there are many ways you can be water-wise without withholding the moisture your plants need to thrive and survive the dog days of summer.


A good landscape design can help minimize water use. Start with graph paper and sketch your home, property lines, water faucets, existing trees, and other permanent features. Plant large deciduous trees to maximize summer shade on the south sides of your house. Combine groundcover in your plantings as this can reduce surface temperature up to 20 degrees. Plant a dense windbreak to cut down on drying winds. Group plants together by water needs and concentrate high water demand plants into one area. Plant rock gardens, native shrubs, or drought-tolerant wildflowers on southern exposures.


When deciding what to plant, consider native species as they are adapted to the area and can withstand the local moisture conditions, including periods of low rainfall or drought. Also, consider plants specifically bred as drought-tolerant, particularly for more at-risk areas of your yard.


Adding compost to your soil before planting will reduce soil compaction and help improve the efficiency of soil moisture absorption and retention. Coast of Maine’s line of composts and soils are perfect for improving the existing garden and landscape soil for absolutely every plant that you can think of.

Coast of Maine Organic and Natural Planting Soils

Coast of Maine's newest line of exceptional organic soil conditioners includes:  

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These outstanding compost-based blends are the key to healthy, moisture-retentive soil, key to maintaining healthy, happy, and beautiful garden and landscape plants.


A fresh layer of mulch will not only make plantings look more attractive, but its most important function is to help retain soil moisture. Mulch keeps the ground cool to reduce moisture loss and prevent the growth of weeds that would otherwise compete with plant roots for soil moisture. The recommended depth is 2-4 inches. Coast of Maine offers numerous outstanding mulches to help maintain soil moisture, keep the soil cool, and reduce weed growth. Our Dark Harbor Blend™ Enriching Mulch is made with naturally composted aged dark bark for an exceptionally rich, naturally dark, fine-textured mulch that can’t be beaten. (Only available in New England)

Coast of Maine® Organic

Dark Harbor Blend™ Enriching Mulch


Improve your watering technique by installing a drip irrigation system or using other water-saving devices like soaker hoses to minimize water loss. Both methods apply water slowly, steadily, and directly to the root zone. This saves time and money all while ensuring that the water is emitted where it’s needed most without runoff or evaporation.


Proper tools will make watering easier and more efficient. A watering wand will help to easily reach hanging baskets, containers, and plants in the center of deep garden beds and borders. A Four Channel Water Distributor allows several watering accessories to be used at the same time. Garden timers allow you to easily limit watering time while you attend to other garden chores.

It doesn't take much to get started watering wisely, your plants will display appreciation and you’ll appreciate your lower water bill.


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