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Mackey'sMackey’s was founded in 1968 by Jim & Betty Mackey. Today, Mackey’s welcomes you to our stores with the enthusiasm of a third generation and the collaboration of a hardworking team. Together, we strive to bring you genuine customer service and a diverse product offering of pet, farm, lawn, garden, and wild bird supplies. Our goal is to help your home continue to be the special place that it is.

The Founder

Jim Mackey grew up in the Boston suburb of Chestnut Hill, MA. At his own request, he attended Norfolk County Agriculture High School, but only after his mother allowed him to transfer at the conclusion of his freshmen year. After high school, Jim was admitted to the UMass Stockbridge School of Agriculture. Upon graduating, Jim procured a job with the Purina Mills Corporation as a regional salesmen going farm to farm selling livestock feed.

Jim married his wife Elizabeth in 1956, and together they had two daughters, Diane and Cheryl.

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