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Right about now, you might be looking for ideas for gifts for your favorite gardener. You might not think you have a gardener on your list but go back and consider anyone who even grows a houseplant or two or maybe even three these days. It’s one of the hottest trends around and getting hotter as we speak.

You could be trendy yourself and give someone a houseplant. Think Christmas cactus or maybe an orchid. They are everywhere! . Package the plant with an attractive container and a bag of Bar Harbor Blend Premium Potting Soil from your local garden center and you’re done.

What if your gardener is a tool junkie? In that case, take a look at the Cobra Head Mini ( It’s the small version of the regular size Cobra Head, a versatile multipurpose hand tool that’s great for weeding, cultivating, seeding and general gardening. The mini can fit in a back pocket and just got the Direct Gardening Association’s 2018 Green Thumb Award.

One item I have learned to love this past season is a garden apron. Until now, I have always avoided them. The only thing that stayed in the aprons I tried was dirt. Tools and anything else I wanted to hold would fall out. That was until I met the Dramm Color Wear Garden Apron . This one is a winner. The mesh pockets are deep and wide, one is zippered so you can open it to empty the contents when necessary (including the dirt!), and it is washable. Plus they come in cool colors – I chose berry (purple).

A real treat for anyone is an outing to one of the many flower and garden shows. They will be held throughout the first quarter of 2018 in places like Portland (Me.), Boston, Hartford, and Edison (New Jersey). A simple internet search for flower shows in your state will get you the specifics for your desired state. You can buy advance tickets and make an overnight getaway or a day trip a welcome break from the winter doldrums.

If you’re stymied and really can’t decide what to get, I don’t know any gardener who wouldn’t be giddy over a gift certificate from a favorite catalog or garden center. That’s akin to letting a child loose in a toy store. It’s such a good gift, if you don’t use it now, save it for the future.

The last thing I would suggest is not to wait too long. As with all items this time of year, the good stuff sells out early.

Written by Lorraine Ballato

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