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Do your friends keep hooking up with the wrong houseplant? This year, play matchmaker for the holidays. Give your besties gifts of botanical buddies that will thrive and grow into true love. We have some suggestions of personality/plant match ups that will become Happily Ever After relationships:


Here’s the perfect gift for all those friends in your life who believe in magic, but need it FAST. You know the type: When they plant a bulb, they want gratification as close to tomorrow as possible. Well, an amaryllis is so speedy to perform, the flower buds often appear the moment you pot up the bulb. Give your dream-driven, but impatient friend the jumpstarted package of a pre-planted amaryllis bulb in a shallow clay pot filled with organic Coast of Maine Bar Harbor Blend Potting Soil to get it off on the right foot. Tell them to tuck the plant into a bright window and stand back – because big fat buds are going to shoot up and open into massive frilly flowers like they’ve never seen before. In no time, you’ll be getting a thank you note.

Holiday Cactus

Want to start a family tradition? Here’s a foolproof plant that will get the next generation hooked on the benefits of botany. Give your kids an heirloom that will survive for decades. When you gift a holiday cactus, you’ve linked the recipient with a fuss-free plant that will continue to shine throughout future winter holidays with an awesome crop of otherworldly lobster-like flowers that are almost sci-fi. And the best news is that your otherwise-preoccupied kids can neglect a holiday cactus for a week or more without repercussions. These plants tolerate a whole lot of forgetfulness between waterings. But to get your holiday cactus plant off to the best start, repot into Coast of Maine Mount Desert Island Cacti and Succulent Blend in a snazzy container.

Flaming Katy

Don’t you love friends who are staunch optimists? Thank them by lighting up their lives with a flaming Katy. As soon as autumn arrives, these succulents start making buds. And they keep right on pumping out flowers throughout the winter. If your friend forgets to water—no problem. A Flaming Katy will forgive and soldier on. And those flowers! We’re talking great clusters of blossoms in every hue except blue. You can find a flaming Katy anywhere—even the supermarket. But jazz it up with your own spin of a cool container to compliment the colors. No need to give a major graduation sizewise—succulents don’t like large footprints. But be sure to use a good base like Coast of Maine Bar Harbor Blend Potting Soil.

Bird’s Nest Fern



We’ve all got a friend who lives life on the dark side. Well, no matter how shady their home happens to be, a bird’s nest fern will survive low light situations. Most ferns like to drink, and this version is no exception. So be generous with your container size and don’t be a Scrooge with great soil — Coast of Maine Bar Harbor Blend Potting Soil will be gratefully received. Want to put a little light in their life? Bring some bling into the picture with ornaments. Who knows? You might brighten up their day.





Want to put a smile on your mom’s face? Make her a custom terrarium! All you need is some moisture-loving mini plants, a glass container, pebbles, charcoal, and Coast of Maine Bar Harbor Blend Potting Soil. Plus, a merry holiday touch is a nice addition. Tell you what: We’ll give you complete directions for terrarium-making in a future blog. So stay tuned. Meanwhile, our best wishes for a peaceful, plentiful, plant-filled holiday season. And our gift to you: We’ve got some really good dirt coming up.



Written by award winning author, Tovah Martin.  Photos also taken by Tovah Martin.  Find her books and more information on her website:

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