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How to Promote an Ad on Facebook – Tutorial

Coast of Maine’s Cameron Bonsey walks you through how to create an ad, select an audience and budget for Facebook promotions.

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Video featuring the benefits of Cobscook :

Cobscook Blend Garden Soil

Cobscook Blend is a richly textured all-purpose gardening soil. Because it is made with compost, it gives you the benefit of requiring less frequent watering and feeding. Because of its water retaining qualities, it is not recommended for summer annuals like geraniums and petunias. We suggest it as an amendment for planting azaleas, rhododendrons and blueberry bushes. Its fine texture also makes it a good top-dressing for new lawns.  Also great for potting dwarf trees like Alberta Spruce.

Cobscook Blend Product Description and Detailed Information:

  • An Organic all-purpose compost based garden soil
  • Great for conditioning sandy or clay soils
  • Improves soil drainage and aeration
  • Nutrient rich to promote plant health and vigor
  • Great for acid-loving plants like azaleas, camelia and alder

A compost-based premium soil builder. Made with a perfected mixture of composted salmon, blueberries, farm manure, very old dark bark, sphagnum peat moss, and horticultural limestone. Loaded with nutrients to promote plant health and vigor, improves soil drainage and aeration, especially in clay soils.

Available in 1.0 cf bags

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