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Co-Op Advertising Rules

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Let us be your partner in profitable dealer Co-op Advertising


Our goal is to help you bring as many customers into your store as possible by using your advertising funds you earn through out the year.



We offer $500 in co-op advertising on the purchase of one pallet each of the three new products:
Coast of Maine’s Organic & Natural Planting Soils for Tomatoes & Vegetables
Coast of Maine’s Organic & Natural Planting Soils for Acid Loving Plants
Coast of Maine’s Organic & Natural Planting Soils for Roses & Flowers


LAWN SOIL Program:

We offer $150 in co-op advertising on the purchase of 2 pallets of our Monhegan Blend™ Black Earth Lawn Soil:

Coast of Maine’s OMRI Listed, Organic & Natural Black Earth Lawn Soil (Monhegan Blend™)

The ad will be paid 100% up to ad allowance for all qualified products and ads.

All advertising must have proof of performance for a claim to be processed.  *Limit $300 in co-op advertising per location.



  • Plan your Coast of Maine advertisement in a variety of sizes for placement in circulars, newspapers direct mailers or E-blast. We have hi-resolution images on our website to be used when advertising our products.
  • There cannot be any competitive products within the body of any Coast of Maine ad.
  • All radio, television or cable commercials must get prior approval.  All ads must mention the company name Coast of Maine and mention at least one Coast of Maine product that is appropriate for that time of year.
  • Any other type of advertising must get prior approval.
  • All advertising must run between February 1st and September 30th.
  • Unused Co-Op cannot be carried over into the next year.
  • Minimum of $25.00 per claim request.



  • All claims must be submitted within 60 days of the ad being run.
  • Please allow 60 days from date of receipt in our office to process your claim.
  • Newspaper ads require the entire page that the ad has appeared on along with a copy of the invoice from the newspaper.
  • Circulars require an entire circular along with a copy of the invoice stating quantity from the printer and a copy of the invoice from the mailer or the company that inserted or distributed the circular.
  • Radio or television commercials require a copy of the ad on a flash drive or email with a copy of the production invoice and a notarized affidavit of performance.
  • You must state what distributors you use to purchase CoM products. If you order directly from CoM, you must submit copies of CoM purchases along with the Co-op claim.
  • All payments will be paid in the form of a credit memo through a qualified stocking Coast of Maine Distributor or on your direct account.
  • All claims should be in our office no later than November 30th.
  • All claims should be submitted to:
    Coast of Maine
    Accounts Payable
    145 Newbury Street
    Portland ME 04101



  • Always try to use the media that will give you the most impact in your marketing area.
  • Always request to run your ads in the main section of the newspaper, do not leave it up to the newspaper or its sales representative.
  • Always try to advertise a group of non-competitive products.
  • Radio garden talk shows have a big following in their local markets and are normally a great choice for advertising.
  • Make sure you are running the right product for the right time of year.
  • Design your ads to “solve problems” let the consumer know what the products will do for them.
  • Ask the manufacturers what products they will be advertising and when, then try to work your advertising around their promotions.
  • Ask your distributor what kind of co-op ad money is available for you to use in order to help offset your advertising cost.
  • Feature your promoted items on an end cap or in a pallet display, you will sell more products this way.
  • Create in store signage for your promoted products.
  • Make sure all your store personnel are aware of your promotions



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