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Aeration Formula – Social Media Content

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How to Promote an Ad on Facebook Tutorial

Coast of Maine’s Cameron Bonsey walks you through how to create an ad, select an audience and budget for Facebook promotions.

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Facebook and Instagram Images:

Right click on the images below to copy and paste or save them to your desktop. Then, share them directly to your store’s social media pages:



Copy and paste these hashtags into the bottom of your social media post.  Don’t forget to add one for your store and store’s location!


#coastofmaineorg #aerationnation

Aeration Formula Product Description and Detailed Information:

•  Coco-Perlite
•  Enriched with Lobster Meal & Kelp Meal
•  Base mix to help you create your own custom soil
•  Improves airflow around the root zone
•  Made with premium ingredients

A blend of coir and perlite has been a must have for hydroponic growers for years. Coast of Maine has developed their own unique blend by adding compost, lobster meal and kelp meal bringing life and energy to this popular growing media.

Available in 1.5cf bags.

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