The Power of One!

The Power of One!

March 5, 2014
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The spring of 2014 may seem to some that it will never arrive but the garden centers that sell our products are constantly working to train and inspire their employees.

Recently I was invited to an employee-training day at Skillin’s Greenhouses. Skillin’s is a fifth generation family business with locations in Falmouth, Cumberland and Brunswick, Maine.

When I grew up in Falmouth, brothers John and David Skillin ran the business. Today John’s sons, Terry and Jeff, along with David’s children Mike and Melissa, run the business.

As family businesses transfer from generation to generation the complexity grows and I have always been amazed by the way the Skillin family has remained so close, worked so well together and continued to strive and look to the future of running a local business in todays economy.

Three years ago they started doing an employee training day. All the employees from all three locations attend and they make it a fun, informative and inspirational event with door prizes and plenty of food.

This year I videotaped the opening remarks of Sally Bolstridge, a longtime former employee of Skillin’s, who now runs the event for them. Her them was “The Power of One” and focused on how each person and their individual actions can truly have a big impact on the long-term growth. To connect with the employees she told some stories about John and David Skillin and how the used “The Power of One” in their lives every day. I think you’ll find the video interesting

The end product is a group of employees who are informed, appreciated and inspired to push Skillin’s to the next level in 2014.

Every local business would benefit by doing the same thing.

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